IHS looks ahead to CES 2018

At CES 2018, experts from IHS Markit expect to see a wide-range of companies from automakers and traditional industry suppliers to start-ups and mega technology firms reinventing what the automobile is and what it can do.

IHS claims the announcements made and exhibits on display will likely fit into one or more of six categories: Autonomy & Mobility; Connectivity & Data; Software & Cybersecurity; User Experience; Electronics Consolidatio; and Electrification. It expects global revenues from cockpit electronics, ADAS and automation systems, and electrification components to reach $183 billion by 2022.

In relation to Autonomy & Mobility, IHS claims that 2017 saw the first real deployments of SAE L4 autonomous vehicles in pilot programs with ride-hailing fleets. This it predicts will grow to thousands of L4 driverless cars in ride-hailing platforms by 2019.

Looking ahead to the future, IHS Markit projects 33 million autonomous vehicles sold in 2040, up from only 51,000 in 2021. In addition, by 2040, there will be 12 average mobility-as-a-service users per car, illustrating a mobility marketplace with increased vehicle usage from fewer overall vehicle sales.

HIS said, ‘As this market transitions from a product-based economy to a service-based economy, the supply chain is ripe for innovation and disruption. Right now there is an autonomous vehicle platform battle underway. On the hardware side companies like NVIDIA, Intel/Mobileye, Aptiv, Bosch, ZF, and others are working to secure future competitive advantages and long-term growth. Meanwhile, companies like Waymo, GM-Cruise, NuTonomy, Baidu, and others are angling for the most robust autonomous vehicle software platform. These companies and many more will continue to invest, acquire, and innovate to secure the best possible position to leverage the growth in this sector.’