IBIS USA simulcast on 2 April broadcasts to a global audience.

For a change, nothing’s changing. Except for one thing: the way we deliver IBIS USA to you. It’s now a simulcast rather than a face-to-face event.

As a result of the coronavirus, IBIS USA will now be held as a live, fully interactive online experience delivered to you on your Internet-enabled device of choice in whichever safe place you’ll be between 12.00pm and 3.00pm EDT (5.00pm and 08.00pm BST) on 2 April.

There are two and not just one silver linings to this:

1. You’ll be assured a good degree of continuity as we share much of the planned IBIS USA industry-leading content in a three-hour live broadcast

2. You don’t have to be in the USA to access and benefit from the simulcast. It’s relevant to you wherever you operate since so much of the content relates to the GLOBAL auto collision repair industry.

Throughout the simulcast, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions of the presenters as well as interact and network with your industry peers. All this courtesy of the soon to be launched IBIS USA mobile app.

See the IBIS USA 2020 simulcast agenda here now.

For more information on the IBIS USA simulcast, please contact IBIS head of sales Suzie Scott at [email protected].