Agenda – 日程

The IBIS team is currently hard at work developing the agenda for IBIS China 2019. We’ll publish the details of each presentation as it’s finalised.

We have two agenda items we can now share:

IBIS around the world – global collision repair industry trends
Jason Moseley, CEO, IBIS

Jason will give an in-depth analysis of the global collision market trends based on the knowledge and insight IBIS has gained from the markets in which it operates.

Jason will consider the challenges, dynamics and interplay between the key players in the industry (repairers, insurers, OEMs etc.) as well as how the latest vehicle technological advancements are impacting and influencing our industry as a whole.

The connected car
Sean Carey, SCG Management Consultants LLC

Sean will explore the technologies that are currently enabling the connected car from the standpoint of all those involved in the Chinese and global auto collision repair industry. What do they mean and what are the challenges and opportunities for the repair shop, OEMs, the motor insurance sector and so forth?

Sean will discuss the evolution of autonomous vehicles, the complexity of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) from an insurance and repair perspective, the ever more sophisticated expectations of the consumer and how our industry needs to adapt accordingly.

Keeping pace with ever-evolving vehicle technology
Sawyer Gong: GiPA China Director
Eric Devos: President GiPA Group

As vehicles become ever more technologically advanced and refined, so increases the complexity of repairing them. Sawyer and Eric will look at how this conundrum is playing out in China and how the situation there compares with how European markets are adapting to the rapidity and scale of change.

IBIS 团队目前正在抓紧制定 2019 IBIS 中国论坛的日程,确定后将立时公布。


全球IBIS – 全球碰撞维修行业趋势。
Jason Moseley,IBIS首席执行官。


Sean Carey,SCG管理顾问有限责任公司