IBIS Global Focus report 2020

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Published to coincide with the IBISTV Global Summit 2020 – this year themed ‘Tomorrow’s world today’ – the IBIS Global Focus report brings together market intelligence from GiPA Group and anecdotal insights from our IBIS media partners across the globe.

From the mature, highly consolidated markets of the UK and USA, to the more developing and segregated markets of mainland Europe and beyond, the IBIS Global Focus once again serves to highlight the vast diversity of business models, cultures, practices and stakeholders spread across the globe. 

But despite the variations in regional collision repair markets many of the challenges and opportunities are consistent – advancing technology, consolidation, skills shortages and standards being just a few.

It’s been said many times over, but the automotive industry as a whole is in the midst of its biggest shake up since the invention of the motor car – the pace of change is fierce and so too is the evolution of the aſtermarket in a post-pandemic world. As always with IBIS you can trust that safety, skills and standards will top the agenda now and into the future.

With that we would very much like to thank GiPA Group, the IBIS Global Market Information provider, and our 2020 IBIS media partners for all their contributions in helping to create the IBIS Global Focus and for continuing to fly the flag for the IBIS brand.