“We’re very proud of the relationships we’ve built at IBIS, as much as the content is important, the relationships here helped our business truly expand into what we feel is a North American powerhouse and we’re ready to take on the world.”
Michael Macaluso, President, CARSTAR


“The constituency here is great, it’s incredible to be able to talk to so many different stakeholders from so many different countries.”
Brad Mewes, Supplement!

IBIS is a wonderful organisation and everybody here is fantastic. We can make sure that what we’re doing in North America fits with what’s happening with the rest of the world. We keep our eyes and ears open, to see if we’re on the right path, find new opportunities and share our experience, to get that global knowledge, feedback and experience to make sure we’re always the best we can be.
David Smith, vice president of procurement & supply chain, Calibre Collision

Love the event, it’s really informative, it gives me a great insight into the world markets, what influences those markets and what’s happening in those markets in terms of body repair.
Steve Pottinger, owner services business development manager, Porsche Cars GB