BASF backs WorldSkills competition

BASF’s Coatings division has signed on to be a global sponsor of the WorldSkills International umbrella association until at least 2019.

By sponsoring the WorldSkills competition, the automotive refinish business unit of BASF’s Coatings division aims to make young talent excited about the spray painting profession in particular and is focusing on promoting the next generation of automotive refinishers.

‘With our active commitment, we are emphasising the significance and viability of a career as an automotive refinisher, an occupation which for years has suffered from a shortage of up-and-coming candidates. This kind of competition, which also includes the international R-M Best Painter Contest, illustrates the diverse nature of the occupation, which calls for both craftsmanship as well as sustainable thinking and efficient action,’ explained Dr Harald Borgholte, global strategic marketing and product development, BASF Coatings.

During the competition, participants in the category will exclusively use products from BASF’s refinish brands Glasurit or R-M, depending on the country, as well as the RODIM brand range of paint-related products.

The WorldSkills competition 2017 takes place in the Middle East for the first time: from 14-19 October 2017, featuring some 1,200 talented young people will showcase their skills in 51 individual competitions in Abu Dhabi.