Byton announces EV plans

Byton is planning to introduce two models of electric cars, both of which will be fitted with autonomous driving technology, in the near future.

The models — the K-Byte and M-Byte — will feature artificial intelligence and machine learning in models. The less-expensive M-Byte will begin production in 2019, the K-Byte sedan will come in 2021.

A third model is pencilled in for 2023.

The M-Byte is expected to retail for $45,000 without self-driving car technology, but can be upgradeable to Level 3 autonomous driving in the future.

Carsten Breitfeld, CEO of Byton, said, ‘To achieve this milestone, we went from thinking mechanically, to thinking digitally. The Byton M-Byte could be the most important digital device in your life.’

Byton, whose partners include Bosch, Faurecia, Amazon, and Baidu, is on track to secure a production license in China and has now built more than 100 test vehicles.

Carsten added, ‘We are on track to start production by the end of this year. The fully operational capacity will be 300,000 cars a year.’