The big debate

Tomorrow’s world, today
Le monde de demain, aujourd’hui

Any landmark anniversary is all about looking back, taking stock on the here and now and looking forward to the next part of the journey. That’s exactly what we’ll be doing together as we celebrate 20 years of IBIS.

With the focus on the present day we’ll discover the big-ticket items that are shaping and defining the collision incident management industry as we now know it.

Moving onwards to the future, we’ll investigate the known factors, dependencies and expectations of what will influence our world in the next 20 years.

Underpinning our presentations and debates will be the concept that change will never be as slow as it is today. It’s precisely our collective and respective ability to adapt to change that will dictate the future success of our sector.

In close-up, here are just a few topic teasers to give you a flavour of what you can look forward to learning more about at the IBIS Global Summit 2020.

A new acronym in the automotive world. Electrified-Autonomous-Shared-Connected-Yearly updated. It boils down to how the physical asset i.e. the vehicle itself is developed, managed and regarded. We’ll delve into how we in the collision and incident management sector respond to these five new dimensions.

Vehicle technology is advancing at an ever-increasing pace. That’s a known fact. But what’s the knock-on effect on the collision shop and the wider value chain? How severe is it and what does it mean for us financially? Indeed, are our business models as we know them today going to sustain us into the future?

Tomorrow’s generation
On everybody’s lips these days is the concern that we’re not seeing enough new talent coming through. Not just at technician level though. What about the next generation of collision repair industry leaders? Who’s developing them? Those with the vision to have people clambering for a career in our industry and to create working environments fit for the next 20 years.

World politics and economics
How will the changing face of the global pollical and economic landscape affect our industry? New world leaders with new leadership styles will make revolutionary decisions that have far reaching consequences for what we do. Be they on climate change targets, labour immigration or overall industrial investment.

Seismic advances in data management, computing, analytics and vision power. Today’s scientific and university research elite are driving these great leaps forward right now. What on earth is coming down the track over the next 20 years?

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