IBIS Middle East 2022 – Agenda

9.10am – Welcome to IBIS Middle East

Robert Snook welcomes delegates, recaps the changes from physical to virtual and the move to ‘hybrid’ models containing the best features of both. Robert will set out the timings and objectives for the day’s event.


9.20am – ESG and Sustainability – The global update and impact on the region
Interactive discussion and debate

After introducing this important global subject at IBISConnect, IBIS will discuss progression over the last four months. During the interactive discussion we will hear from the stage and audience how the global focus is impacting the region and how businesses are changing their approach and processes toward ESG and sustainability.


10.05am – SUCCESS!

Morning Keynote: Jeff Smith, International Best-Selling Author

Jeff has been studying Bodyshops and the most successful people in the world over the last 30 years and he’s discovered 11 steps that all these Top Achievers have in common. YES… he’s going to share their secrets with you and he’s also going to demonstrate, live on stage, the ultimate formula for success. Perhaps more importantly, he’s going to show you how you can apply these powerful strategies to your own life and how you can be more successful in your business in 2022.


10.50am – Coffee and networking break.


11.20am – The voice of the bodyshop – What is it saying in 2022?
Interactive discussion and debate
Mohammad Sulaiman, Head – Bodyshop Operations, Arabian Automobiles Co LLP

During IBISConnect we asked ‘what is the voice of the bodyshop and what is it saying?’ Through this discussion we touched on topics such as fixed price repair contracts, ESMA certification and how vehicle technology is affecting the price per panel model. We build on this discussion at IBIS Middle East 2022 by hearing more bodyshop voices and opinions from the stage and audience. What will they say?


12.20 pm – Lunch and networking


1.35pm – Theory of Constraints – From theory to practice
Interactive discussion and debate
Jon Parker, business intelligence director, Halo Group

At IBISConnect we discussed the Theory of Constraints as a concept and at theory level. Here we move the conversation up a level by looking at how the theory of constraints can be utilised in your business through looking at some regular everyday problems in the theory of constraint context. What ideas will you take away to help overcome your challenges?


2.35pm – Coffee and networking break


3.05pm – People – Is it a shortage of people or a shortage of places people want to work for?
Interactive discussion and debate
Dr John Mathew, Head of Talent Development E.K. Kanoo, Bahrain, Haji Al Balushi, Dean, National College of Automotive Technology, Oman, Vernon Vidamour, Technical Consultant, Taqeem, KSA, Mark Forshaw, MD, Fusion Education Consultancy

Globally, one of the biggest issues for the repair industry in 2021 was a shortage of people and this looks set to continue in 2022. Not just limited to skills and technicians, the issue is affecting all facets of the business. First discussed at IBISConnect, our people experts continue the discussion on people opportunities and what we can all do to build a better team, rather than simply go back to filling vacancies.


3.50pm – The behavioural economy – What is it and why is it so important in 2022?
Afternoon keynote: Akan Abdula, founder and owner, Futurebright Group of Companies

The pandemic has changed the individual customer and collective market mindset, meaning a new ‘behavioural economy’ is now here – but what is the behavioural economy and what do we need to do to adapt our business communications to ensure we send the right messages to our customers and capture the opportunities it brings us?


4.35pm – Closing remarks

Robert Snook summarises the event and reviews key points and take away actions. Confirms IBIS activity in region for 2022, plus date and format for IBIS Middle East 2023. Thanks sponsors, ambassadors and attendees.


4.45pm – IBIS Middle East 2022 closes

All timings are Gulf Standard time. Agenda is subject to change.