3D does it for BMW

Customers can now explore their ideal BMW i3 or i8 through 3D augmented reality, which allows them to open the boot, turn on the lights and even get in the car and look at the interior.

The app, called BMW i Visualiser, will allow users to alter interior and exterior colours or wheel rims at a touch of the screen and then save the data and share it with others, including BMW i sales outlets, via social media, email or QR code.

The first brand to offer this interactive experience, BMW is rolling out this pilot programme across a double-digit number of sites using Google’s Tango technology.

‘Our vehicles are emotional products and to get that emotional feeling, you really need to experience them,’ said Andrea Castronovo, BMW Group vice president, sales strategy and future retail. ‘In situations where the desired product isn’t available on the spot, this visualisation is the next best thing.

‘In our initial tests, we saw people ducking down when they were getting into the car, as if there really were a roof there for them to bang their heads on. It’s that level of detail which means this technology offers the customers real added value.’

Following the pilot, BMW plans to offer the app on Google Play so that customers with Tango-enabled devices can download it for use any time, any place.

‘We believe that over the next couple of years, the majority of premium Android devices will be Tango-enabled,’ said Eric Johnsen. ‘Augmented reality has such huge potential for retail, we’re just getting started.’