ADAS applications to soar

Global automotive applications of advanced driver assist systems (ADAS) will surpass 232 million units annually in 2022, according IHS Markit.

In its latest ADAS Applications and Sensors Report, IHS Markit forecasts that global ADAS growth will be led in part by new introductions of automated autopilot, driver monitoring systems and side and rear mirror cameras, each aimed at making the driving activity safer, more convenient or more efficient. This growth is enabled by advances in sensor technologies including radar, camera and lidar sensors that will number more than 232 million units annually in 2022, the report says.  Combined, implementation of these technologies will enable higher levels of automated driving on a global scale.

‘Many OEMs have started offering partially automated systems that execute accelerating, braking and steering together,’ said Aaron Dale, senior automotive analyst at IHS Markit and the report’s author. ‘These systems combine multiple sensors and multiple single-function ADAS features to allow the vehicle to drive, albeit under driver supervision. While some of these individual technologies are well-established, combining functions and sensors requires higher levels of integration as well as substantial computing power.’