Brand ownership sparks dispute

A battle appears to be heating up over the Fix Auto brand name in the US following Fix Auto World revealing plans to enter the market which is currently under licence with independent company, Fix Auto USA.

Fix Auto World, which owns the Mondofix holding company controlling the trademark application for the brand name ‘Fix Auto’ and the trademark for the double-arrow Fix Auto logo, has revealed plans to enter the US market later this year using the brand.

In a statement, Fix Auto World president Steve Leal said, ‘By regaining the rights to our trademark, we are asserting our commitment to the US market. We look forward to growing the Fix Auto brand in the US by directly pursuing aggressive new strategies that leverage our global track record of elevating the brand and developing insurance channels.’

However, Fix Auto USA has operated under a license to use the ‘Fix Auto’ logo and brand in America since 1997. During two decades it has spread the brand to 116 collision repair franchisees across the country.

Fix Auto USA chairman Erick Bickett said, ‘We were extremely disappointed to read the Mondofix press release. Mondofix has made its intent clear to usurp the hard-earned equity and loyalty we have built in the US for nearly 20 years. We will vigorously defend and protect our business relationships from any activity that would affect or injure those business relations.’