Challenge and change ahead

IBIS Ireland 2016 opened today with Jason Moseley, IBIS conference director, classing Ireland as an ‘innovative automotive market’.

Jason touched upon changes within the market such as Carlyle’s acquisition of AA Ireland, Toyota’s Yuko car sharing project and smart parking projects underway. ‘There is lots of innovation taking place at present which is, and likely will, both directly and indirectly impact on the industry,’ said Jason.

He continued, ‘There are many challenges and opportunities on the horizon, not least of which is the continued, rapid evolution of technology as we move towards autonomous mobility solutions. What IBIS Ireland 2016 intends to do is create a dialogue to ensure all stakeholders understand the challenges ahead.’

IBIS Ireland 2016 is headline partnered by AkzoNobel and Audatex, along with partners Fastcare and Enterprise.