Cloud-based ‘roadie’ for drivers

HERE, the cloud-based tracking company, has launched three new cloud-based information services that provide drivers pre-departure traffic information as well as personalised fuel and parking recommendations based on their preferences and habits.

HERE Departure Alert and HERE Personal Recommendations join the suite of HERE Automotive Services that delivers advanced content to drivers via connected embedded navigation systems.

HERE Departure Alert proactively displays traffic conditions on the most common routes a driver takes. The service learns individual travel patterns based on destinations, routes, time and location and then combines the information with HERE Real-Time Traffic to aid decision-making at the start of a trip.

Its fuel recommendations package learns the fuel preferences of the driver and provides timely recommendations based on the driver’s comfort zone for how far they travel on one tank of fuel before refuelling; the driver’s preferred fuel brand and sensitivity to fuel pricing; and the distance and time required for the driver to get to a preferred fuel stop.

Meanwhile, HERE Personal Parking Recommendations provides off-street parking facility recommendations when the vehicle is within 1 km of the destination, or around the driver’s location when a destination is not entered. Over time, the system learns the driver’s preferences in terms of price or walking distance to the destination

Mark Foligno, product manager at HERE, said, ‘Rather than requiring the driver to check traffic conditions on a common route, or manually select one fuel station or an off-street parking facility out of many, the HERE services proactively display personalised suggestions to the driver at the right location and moment in time.’

‘These self-learning and contextually aware features provided by HERE align closely with what our research shows consumers want in the connected car,’ added Chris Schreiner, director user experience, strategy analytics. ‘These new features allow for appropriate surfacing of personalised information at the right time, reducing the amount of time the driver would need to locate this information on their own, thereby allowing them to keep their eyes on the road longer.’