Ford looks ahead

On the leading edge of what is shaping up to be perhaps the most dynamic time in the transportation business, consumers have found themselves at a crossroads according to Ford.

In its ‘Looking Further with Ford’ 2017 trend report, Ford Motor Company draws upon the societal shifts taking place beyond the auto industry to inform and drive its business. Insights gleaned from technological, economic, environmental and political arenas allow experts at the company to explore how trust, relationships, technology and innovation can be leveraged to create meaningful vehicles and services for consumers.

Sheryl Connelly, Ford global trend and futuring manager, said  there is no escaping the fact that disruption is now the status quo: ‘What’s fascinating is how Ford is adapting and innovating – offering customers and society at large tangible ways to improve their mobility needs and ultimately, their daily way of life.’

Key findings from this year’s report include:

  • With a heightened focus on truth and transparency, roughly two thirds of adults worldwide say it has never been more difficult to find information that is objective. As information can be contradictory, consumers are confronted with the dilemma of being conflicted by the choices they make
  • Establishing relationships built on trust has never been more daunting– making trust the most precious of assets
  • Consumers are increasingly holding themselves – and others – accountable for making the right decisions for society at large
  • Globally, consumers are finding more joy in less, and taking advantage of access-over-ownership service models
  • An abundance of choice in the marketplace is impacting attitudes toward commitment
  • In an on-demand world, patience has become less of a virtue; there are now more ways to rationalise how we spend our time – rather than declaring it ‘wasted’

As Ford expands to be both an auto and mobility company, it remains committed to changing the way the world moves – just as it has for more than 100 years. As it does, the company remains focused on creating ways to make people’s lives better – whether they choose to own a car or not.