IBIS Ireland kicks off in Dublin

The second IBIS Ireland is taking place at the Hilton Dublin today, when key speakers from the crash repair industry are addressing delegates on a range of topics influencing the market today.

With presentations on the state of the Irish market, autonomous cars, the skills gap, optimising the vehicle repair process and the use of data, among others, delegates are afforded a rare and invaluable insight into the industry as it is now and will be in the future.

Introducing the event, conference director Jason Moseley said, ‘It’s a year ago since our first IBIS Ireland. We have had some tremendous feedback and it’s great to be back here again; some faces I recognise, and there are also some new faces.’

He went on to explain the purpose of IBIS, describing its three main goals as raising safety, standards and skills in the collision repair market.

‘These things are steadfast and very much inter-woven,’ he said.

To achieve that, Jason said that IBIS had in the past 12 months been around the world, presenting to 1,432 delegates through a growing list of events in a wide range of markets.

He said, ‘We want to create a catalyst for more dialogue and bring the industry together. IBIS has been around the world, and although the markets are at different levels of maturity, some of the problems are exactly the same.’

Among the lessons learned during the course of the last year were, Jason continued: one connected car can produce the same revenue as 10 unconnected cars; young talent and skills remains a key issue across the industry; consolidation is a growing trend as single bodyshops are finding it increasingly difficult to invest in technology; insurers are continuing to reduce cost claims; OEMs are striving to control the customer; the industry is still beset by a lack of collaboration; and millennials are changing the traditional approach to car ownership and driving.

Jason concluded, ‘We’re at a period of unprecedented change.’

The speakers at this year’s IBIS Ireland are Thomas Glendinning of BMI Research (Irish market update), Steve Thompson of Audatex (Audatex and the evolving world), Barry Sheehan of the University of Limerick (autonomous vehicle research), Bob Linwood of AutoRaise (young talent and the skills gap), Tony Ward of the DAC Group (optimising the vehicle repair process), and Kevern Thompson of CAPS (data in collision repair).

IBIS is only possible thanks to the support of headline partners AkzoNobel and Audatex, and partners Enterprise Rent-a-Car and Synergy.