Industry on driverless cusp

The mobility industry is at the cusp of realising the vision of driverless cars and, along with that, accident free transportation according to Frost & Sullivan.

According to Frost & Sullivan autonomous driving will add value to society and in an ideal scenario, could reduce accidents by up to 100%. Franck Leveque, Frost & Sullivan partner and business unit leader, explained, ‘Even in a realistic scenario, the majority of the accidents that occur today due to driver distractions can be addressed by this technology and that is a strong driving force for its adoption.’

The automation technology roadmaps of 80% of the major OEMs are expected to be finalised this year. According to Frost & Sullivan, the pace at which connected services, sensoring solutions and the like develop make it safe to assume that full autonomous functionality can be achieved within the next decade. By 2030 the revenue potential is expected to reach $65 billion, making the autonomous market a highly promising field for OEMs, suppliers as well as tech companies.

As part of the Frost & Sullivan industry event ‘Intelligent Mobility’ taking place on the 29 June at the Jumeirah Carlton Hotel in London, an Autonomous Business Models panel will provide the stage for a lively discussion on opportunities as well as challenges within the industry.