Mario Dimovski, CEO, Plastfix USA

Mario is a futurist and considered a new thought leader. He is a pioneer in automotive plastics, sustainability and digital transformation. Mario is an IBIS Ambassador and in 2020 was named as one of the industry’s leading lights.

With 30 years of industry experience, his fascination with continuous improvement and his tenacious focus on knowledge acquisition have resulted in a reputation for being one of the most influential personalities across the automotive repair industry.

Mario has been recognized as a Circular Economy and automotive plastic repair pioneer, founding Plastfix, the world’s most successful automotive plastic repair management solutions brands. Plastifx provides service technicians and specialty plastic repair supplies to the leading collision groups in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and North America.

Mario is a founder of the Waste Motive initiative that brought together key stakeholders from industry, government and society to collaborate on developing a plan to better manage automotive plastic waste in the collision repair industry and work towards offsetting the carbon footprint generated by businesses.

Mario has led the way in adopting automation and 3D printing technology in the repair process with ground breaking projects such as Repair-bot. He has also invented a number of design registered specialty hand tools for plastic repairs and patented automated repair systems.

Driving the advancements in 3-D printing with in the collision repair process, he has been featured as a key speaker and expert panellist at many international vehicle industry events such as IBIS 2020, SEMA 2019, Collision Symposium 2019 and the 2019 Asian Mobility Summit.

As a futurist, his ground breaking work in virtual and augmented reality technologies for training and skills assessment have been covered by many technology, industry 4.0 and trade publications such as FenderBender, Collision Repairer, Collision Weekly, Manufacturing Monthly, Tech Talk, 3D Print News , AR Tech and TCT.

Mario is a prominent supporter of women in the collision industry, illustrated by his recent launch of “Women 4 Plastic Repairs” programme in Australia and New Zealand.