Porsche helps refugees gain qualifications

Porsche has launched its integration programme for a second year, with 15 men and women from Afghanistan, Syria, Eritrea and Iraq.

The programme aims for participants to either obtain a training position or go directly into a permanent job role within the general employment market. Further careers advice is provided by the German Federal Employment Agency to help the refugees make a smooth transition.

Porsche’s integration programme lasts eight months. For the first three months the refugees partake in intensive German language training, specifically technical terminology. Over the next four weeks they learn basic technical skills like sawing, filing and drilling as well as focusing on safety and quality issues. The final four months sees the trainees observe within various technical departments and undergo internships both at Porsche and at other partner companies.

‘Porsche continues to enjoy success, which makes it all the more important that we look at the bigger picture. That is why our integration programme is not simply aimed at giving refugees career opportunities that will help them to integrate successfully. Instead, it is about using our training expertise to provide companies like craft businesses or smaller industrial enterprises with motivated and highly qualified junior staff’, says Andreas Haffner, member of the executive board, human resources and social affairs at Porsche AG.

The first year of Porsche’s integration programme saw 11 of 13 refugees receive employment with Porsche after their training. The door is still open for the other two participants who are currently undergoing further training and education in language skills.