Report ranks cities mobility prospects

Global management consultancy, Arthur D Little has released the third edition of its Future of Mobility report.

The release includes an updated version of its Urban Mobility Index which ranks 100 global cities, based on the maturity, innovativeness and performances of their urban mobility systems.

The Urban Mobility Index found that the majority of cities analysed still have major potential for improvement to cope with the mobility challenges ahead, with an average score of 42.3 out of a possible 100 points.

Singapore led the way (60 points), ahead of Stockholm (57.6), Amsterdam (56.6), Copenhagen (54.4) and Hong Kong (54.1). Paris scored 53.6 while London ranked seventh globally with 52.1. Notable, North American cities such as San Francisco (45.9) and New York (43.9), scored under half, while Baghdad was bottom of the ranking with 27.9 points.

Europe was the highest scoring region, followed by Asia Pacific, North America, Latin America and then Africa and the Middle East.

The report highlights how mobility systems are under increasing and often unsustainable pressure, reaching high levels of congestion and excessive levels of car use, at a very high cost to the economy and the health of urban inhabitants.