SDS opens new technical centre

Shanghai GKN HUAYU Driveline Systems (SDS), has opened a new technical centre in the city’s Kangqiao suburb that will specialise in research and development of its technologies for constant velocity joint (CVJ), All-Wheel Drive (AWD) and eDrive systems.

Through SDS, GKN Automotive is expanding the engineering development resource in the region at the newly-constructed facility on the outskirts of Shanghai. More than 300 jobs have been created at the facility, initially to work with customers in China on local applications of GKN Automotive’s existing eDrive, AWD and CVJ technologies.

Greater physical space for R&D will be met by a significant increase in the headcount of specialist engineers, increasing numbers by nearly 50% over the next three years.

John McLuskie, president of GKN Automotive China, said, ‘The official opening of the new technical centre in Shanghai represents another step in a major investment programme in what is currently the most significant market for eDrive. Growth of vehicle electrification is accelerating faster in China than anywhere else in the world. GKN Driveline established the first tier one joint venture of its kind in the country 30 years ago, and SDS is now set to play a leading role in the next era of China’s automotive industry.’

The joint venture is targeting market leadership of eDrive systems in China, and its investment in new production and development facilities will enable the business to take advantage of the rapid acceleration in demand for electrified drivelines.