Thousands of shops achieve OE Certification

Assured Performance Network has announced that more than 2,000 shops achieved its Assured Performance Certification in 2015.

The Certification was founded to raise the industry’s technical repair capability and ensure each repair business has the resources to repair new model vehicles manufactured by the participating automakers.

This includes tools, equipment and expertise.

To achieve the certificate, shops are subject to an annual onsite inspection-audit, and must pass the most stringent business requirements in the industry.

Assured Performance Network has announced that nearly 3,500 shops have applied, with just over 2,000 successfully making the grade.

However, those that fall short are invited to participate in a Business Improvement Program to help them raise standards.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has over 1,700 shops currently enrolled on the program, while Ford has nearly 1,200 shops enrolled with over 700 aluminum  capable dealer body shops.

Nissan has over 1,000 shops officially Certified and nearly 1,200 enrolled, while Infiniti has over 500 officially Certified shops.

Hyundai is the latest OEM to participate and in just three months enrolled more than 1,000 shops, with nearly 800 officially recognised.

Scott Biggs, Assured Performance CEO and chairman, said, ‘Our ability to achieve seven to 10 times the shop participation of other programs is a testament to the joint-effort strategic approach.

‘It takes this kind of demographic and geographic coverage to realistically offer consumers and insurers a certified repair provider anywhere and everywhere that might need one.’

It is simple for shops to apply for Certification and select which OEM programs they want to participate.

But to get Certified they have to meet the specific requirements, as well as have availability within their market area. Even though the criteria for Certification includes extensive quality assurance requirements, the Assured Performance Certification is not a quality control program and carefully avoids any implied or explicit warrants of the workmanship of the body shop and any related liability exposure.