Three automakers cheated emissions testing

According to Reuters, Mazda, Suzuki and Yamaha inappropriately tested vehicles for fuel economy and emissions.

The Japanese government ordered the three companies to implement checks after the findings of Subaru and Nissan’s improper testing in 2017.

The ministry said in a statement that Yamaha, Suzuki and Mazda were clearing vehicles for emissions or fuel efficiency in cases where they were tested under invalid conditions. The ministry looked at tests done at different periods, in Suzuki’s instance that went back to 2012.

Suzuki said that of 12,819 sample cars tested for fuel economy and emissions stretching back to June 2012, about 50% had been examined wrongly.

Suzuki have claimed that they will not be issuing recalls as there were no problems with actual emissions and fuel economy performance.

The ministry’s inspection discovered irregularities in four per cent on Mazda cars, and in two per cent of examinations on Yamaha motorbikes.

Yamaha has admitted to performing unsuitable testing and has issued an apology.