Uber drivers arrested

Hong Kong police have arrested 21 Uber drivers for illegal car-hiring as part of a clamp down on its operations in the Asian financial city.

The move is the latest upset for the San Francisco-based technology company, which earlier this month saw a senior legal adviser to the European Union’s top court say that the ride-sharing company provides a transport service and is not merely a digital enabler.

‘I would like to stress that our law enforcement action is ongoing and we do not rule out further arrests,’ said Lau Tat-fai, a chief inspector of police in the Kowloon West district.

‘We would like to say to the operator of the mobile phone application, as a responsible organization, you need to ensure cars for hire are equipped with a permit as required by Hong Kong laws. This is a basic responsibility to passengers and (shows) respect for Hong Kong laws,’ said Lau.

An Uber spokesman said the company was ‘extremely disappointed’ by the police action.