VW Wolfsburg plant wins award

The Lean Production Award 2018 has gone to Volkswagen’s Wolfsburg plant for the first time.

At Volkswagen’s Wolfsburg plant, the jury assessed solutions at more than 50 stations in the press shop, body shop, paint shop, assembly and logistics.

Volkswagen board member for production Dr Andreas Tostmann said, ‘The team has genuinely earned this award. People are implementing the changes required for greater productivity and high quality with many initiatives and exemplary speed. We need this approach more than ever before to safeguard the future of the plant. Wolfsburg must be a model plant in our brand’s worldwide production system.’

With its PQM strategy, Volkswagen’s main plant is focusing on the areas of productivity, quality and team performance. The objective is more and more efficient volume production which safeguards the plant and its future. With the 400 or so workshops to be held this year alone, managers and team members are improving processes within the production system, thus reducing the production cost per vehicle at the same time as consistently maintaining the highest possible quality standards.

Every day, the Volkswagen plant in Wolfsburg produces up to 3,500 units of the models Golf, Golf Sportsvan, Touran and Tiguan. Since series production started in December 1945, more than 45 million vehicles have rolled off the production lines here.