VWCV halts production in Germany and Poland

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles (VWCV) is suspending vehicle production from today for an anticipated 10 working days.

The production sites affected are those in Hannover, and Polish sites Poznań and Września. The reasons for stopping production are the uncertain sales environment for light commercial vehicles, the suppliers’ volatile supply chains and to protect the health of all employees.

Thomas Sedran, chairman of the VWCV brand’s board of management, said: “The coronavirus pandemic is naturally having an impact on our entire business: on supply chains, on our production operation, on sales and on our distribution and service partners. In close consultation with our works councils and within the group network, we have therefore decided at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles to shut down production at all three sites. This is the only right decision to take, not least so as not to expose our workers to any unnecessary health risk.”

The suspension affects around 24,000 staff in Germany and Poland.