Autonomous vehicles sooner than expected

Guy Fraker, Insurance Thought Leadership’s (ITL) chief of innovation has predicted that 2018 will be the year that scaled deployment of autonomous vehicles begins.

In an article from Paul Carroll, editor in chief at ITL, Guy suggests that ‘Hardly a day goes by without someone publishing an article about why autonomous vehicles (AVs) won’t see deployment until 2025. In fact, 2018 will be the year that scaled deployment begins.

‘One reason many people expect a slower rollout is because it takes some 15 years for the whole fleet of cars to turn over, but at least nine capable companies are racing to produce an aftermarket kit that can retrofit existing cars.

‘AutonomouStuff has provided hardware, software and engineering assistance to more than 2,700 organisations that are already operating fleets of cars, trucks and semis that all began as stock vehicles but that are now running autonomously on public roadways.

‘At ITL’s Innovator’s Edge, we are tracking 222 start-ups dedicated to autonomous vehicles that have received $6.2bn in funding in just the past 24 months.’