IBIS Iberia 2023 – Speakers

  • Álvaro León

    director, EuroTaller

    Álvaro León, Manager of EuroTaller is responsible for consolidating and developing the competitive...

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  • Amador Rodriguez

    director of fleet and facilities, Vecttor

    Amador Rodriguez has a diverse background in fleet management, logistics, and organisational development....

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  • Antonio Guardiola Martínez

    head of Motor Insurance Technical Committee & Reinsurance Functional Committee, UNESPA

    Antonio Guardiola Martínez is the head of UNESPA's Motor Insurance Technical Committee and the...

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  • Begoña López Cobelo

    director of operations and development, Northgate

    Graduated in Economic Sciences from the University of Santiago de Compostela, she joined Northgate...

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  • Carolina Garrote

    CDR manager for vehicle repair department, Enterprise Spain

    Carolina Garrote is CDR Manager for Vehicle Repair Department in Enterprise Spain. Enterprise is...

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  • Christophe Petrynka

    CEO, CESVI France

    With a career as an engineer in different areas of services and industry in France and Germany,...

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  • David Sanz

    director of services, Santander Renting

    After studying Economic Sciences and an MBA from the Instituto de Empresa, he has been working in...

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  • Enrique Lastra

    owner and CEO, Phira Componentes Automoción

    Since 1992 Enrique has run the second generation of this family company that manufactures plastic...

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  • Fernando López

    country manager, GiPA

    Fernando López has extensive experience in the aftersales market with nearly 30 years dedicated...

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  • Francisco Villacañas

    business director - West Mediterranean Region, 3M Automotive Aftermarket Division

    Since the beginning of his life, Francisco has been somehow related to the automotive aftermarket...

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  • Jason Moseley

    CEO, IBIS Worldwide

    Jason is the IBIS CEO. His vision and mission are to grow the IBIS brand globally and continue to...

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  • Jason Scharton

    senior manager, global expertise delivery, 3M Collision

    After graduating from the University of Nebraska with a BS in Mechanical Engineering, Jason has...

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  • Javier Santos

    business manager, Global Inpart, Solera

    Javier Santos, Executive MBA at ESIC Business and Marketing School has more than 14 years of experience...

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  • Jean-Miguel Escobar Manteaux

    B2B leader and partnerships, Norauto

    Jean-Miguel Escobar Manteaux is a seasoned B2B leader with a specialization in partnerships at Norauto....

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  • Jose Ignacio Perez Postigo

    deputy general manager of motor claims and automotive services, MAPFRE España

    Jose Ignacio Perez Postigo has been with MAPFRE MUTUALIDAD since 1989, currently and since 2018,...

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  • José María Cancer

    general manager, CESVIMAP

    MSc in Mechanical Engineering from ICAI and in Automotive Engineering by INSIA, he has been awarded...

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  • José-Martín Castro Acebes

    president, Spanish Renting Vehicles Association (AER)

    José-Martín is President of the AER since July 2020. Before his appointment, he collaborated with...

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  • Juan Carlos Martín

    director general, AD Parts

    Juan Carlos Martín has over 30 years experience in IAM. Started his career at Monroe in 1991 (Tenneco-Driv)...

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  • Luis Chao Jaramillo

    CEO, Okore

    Luis Chao Jaramillo has an extensive professional career in the insurance and automotive industry....

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  • Luís Jorge Santos

    general manager, Impoeste,S.A

    Luís Jorge Santos is general manager of Impoeste,S.A, a market leader at Portuguese refinish paint...

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  • Miguel Ángel Navarro Barquín

    co-founder, vice-chairman & CEO, Catenon Group

    Digital Native Company born in Madrid in 2000 specialised in global talent search and other innovative...

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  • Miguel Ángel Pastor Carlos

    dealer Kaizen & project manager, Toyota España

    Armed with a Law degree from the Complutense University of Madrid, Miguel has accumulated intensively...

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  • Miguel Estrella

    business development manager, AkzoNobel

    Miguel Estrella is a seasoned professional with a career spanning over a decade in the automotive...

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  • Miguel Guimarães

    deputy director-general, Portuguese Association of Insurers (APS)

    Miguel Guimarães holds an Economics degree from Faculdade de Economia da Universidade Nova de Lisboa...

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  • Oscar Gomez

    director-general / managing director, Jumasa

    Oscar Gomez is the director-general/managing director of Jumasa. He has over 20 years’ experience...

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  • Pablo Jiménez Villa

    project manager investigation area, ICEA

    Pablo Jiménez Villa graduated in economic sciences with a specialty in the actuarial field. He...

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  • Paulo Pereira

    country general manager, Caetano Retail Spain

    Paulo joined Caetano Group in 2011 as General Manager Andaluzia, he then became Group COO in 2015,...

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  • Rafael Dias

    Iberian market manager, Indasa

    Rafael Dias has been in the Industrial sector for around 16 years and since 2015 in the automotive...

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  • Raúl González

    IBIS Iberia conference moderator

    Raúl González is a journalist and consultant specialising in the automotive aftermarket and...

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  • Ricardo Olalla Guerra

    vice-president of sales for Spain and Portugal, and Quality Customer Service Europe 2, Bosch Group

    Ricard Olalla Guerra holds a physics degree from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and has worked...

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  • Roger Marti

    senior director of product management, Snap-on

    Roger joined Snap-on Inc. in 2003 and has since held various management positions with increasing...

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  • Rubén Aparicio-Mourelo

    subdirector general, CESVIMAP

    He is an Industrial Engineer ICAI-ICADE from the Pontifical University of Comillas (1988-1994) and...

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  • Sandra Magalhães

    manager – responsible for the motor accidents department, Fidelidade

    Sandra Magalhães is an accomplished professional with a wealth of experience in the insurance sector....

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  • Tiago Ribeiro

    business manager Portugal, Solera

    Tiago is the business unit manager of Solera in Portugal, previously worked in the insurance industry....

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