IBIS Bahrain National Forum – Agenda

8.00am to 9.00am – Arrival and registration

Tea, coffee, light breakfast pastries available from 8.00am

Welcome and networking time

9.00 am – Welcome to the IBIS Bahrain National Forum

Jason Moseley – CEO IBIS Worldwide welcomes delegates and introduces Robert Snook as the Bahrain National Forum Moderator

9.05 am – Robert Snook, IBIS Bahrain National Forum Moderator

Robert outlines the story of the Forum and sets out the timings and format of the event

9.10 am – Patrons Objectives, Expectations and Desired Outcomes

His Excellency Zayed bin Rashid Al Zayani, Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism

Keynote speech

His Excellency will explain why he wanted to open the event and why the Ministry agreed to be official patrons of the National Forum. He will highlight the goals and objectives that he would like the participants and stakeholders to achieve through collaboration on safety, skills and standards and the outcomes he would like to see from this event onwards.

9.40am – Regulation and Responsibility – Building a Bahrain industry fit for the future

Speakers from Traffic Directorate, Chamber of Commerce

Interactive panel session with whole room discussion and debate

Where are we with safety, skills and standards today, where should we be and how can we get there? How can we protect the customer better by eliminating any remaining inefficient or bad practices and whose responsibility is it to do that? How can we connect all stakeholders in structured and positive collaboration to improve processes, safety, skills and standards in future?

10.30am – Coffee and networking break

11.00am – Insurer Insights – Collaboration on Opportunities from Claim to Closure

Speakers from the BIA and Bahrain Insurance Companies

Interactive panel session with whole room discussion and debate

Digitisation, low touch, remote claims processes, self-serve apps, Ai and more are bringing a new level of trust, transparency, automation and a pre requisite for us all to collaborate with other stakeholders. What are the opportunities and best practices we need to adopt as a national industry, what are the barriers to doing that, what can we do to overcome them together and what frustrations and legacies do we finally need to leave behind us forever?

Eman Mojali, CEO, Bahrain National Insurance

12.00pm – Bahrain Bodyshops – If they could speak as one voice, what would it say?

Speakers from Bahrain Agency and Independent bodyshops

Interactive panel session with whole room discussion and debate

There is no single and cohesive Bahraini bodyshop voice that can be heard by everyone. Instead, there are many different voices that are often heard by no one. At a time when we are faced with people, supply chain, cost, technology and environmental challenges like never before, we need to hear the voice of the bodyshop loud and clear – what are their frustrations, where are the biggest process gaps, what are the biggest opportunities they see and how can we grasp them together?

1.00pm – Lunch – Introduced by the BIC

2.00pm – Supply Chain – OEM to OMG! what is the journey forward from here

Speakers from supply chain stakeholders

Interactive panel session with whole room discussion and debate

No one can do it alone. Customers need suppliers and suppliers need customers. Supply is the glue that holds the industry together. Looking at the end-to-end repair process in Bahrain, where are the challenges, how can we overcome them and what opportunities are there to move forward together with better products, better services, better processes, better quality and more effective control.

2.45pm – Technology – We need to understand it and embrace it or be left behind by it

Speakers from collision repair technology companies

Interactive panel session with whole room discussion and debate

We cannot uninvent technology, but we do have a choice with it. Embrace it, understand it and keep up with it or be left behind – irrelevant and invisible because we didn’t. What new technology is already available, but underutilised in Bahrain, what can we adopt from outside Bahrain, what new commercial and technical innovations can improve the industry for us all…. and more importantly for our customers?

Maher El Ghailani, Area Managing Director MENAT Region, Solera Audatex; Dr. Jassim Haji, President Artificial Intelligence Society, President International Group of Artificial Intelligence, Bahrain

3.30pm – Coffee and networking break

3.50pm – Customers – where is the customer in all this and are we really serving them well?

Speakers from all stakeholders

Interactive panel session with whole room discussion and debate

Without customers our business is finished. They are the single most important thing we need, but are we giving them what they really want or what we want to give them or what we think they deserve to get? If our customers could redesign our industry to provide their ideal solution, what would it look like, how big is the gap to where we are now and how can leave here today and collaborate to deliver what they would choose instead of what they actually get?

4.40pm – Closing remarks

Robert Snook summarises the event and reviews key points and take away actions. Confirms IBIS activity in region for 2023, plus date and format for IBIS Middle East. Thanks sponsors, ambassadors and attendees.

4.55pm – BIC Experience Introduction


Note: TBC. Optional extra activity subject to agreement still

5.00pm – IBIS Bahrain National Forum 2022 closes

Delegates depart or join optional BIC Experience activity

5.10pm – BIC Experience Participation


Note: TBC. Optional extra activity subject to agreement still

6.00pm – 7.00pm – Final departures from BIC

Please note that all timings and sessions are subject to change.