IBIS Global Summit 2022 – Agenda

Provisional Exclusive Agenda

Wednesday 15 June 2022

6.30pm – Exclusive Welcome Drinks Reception – partnered with Axalta

7.30pm – IBIS 2022 Beach Party – partnered with Axalta 

Thursday 16 June 2022

9.15am – Welcome to IBIS Global Summit 2022

Jason Moseley, IBIS CEO

9.20am – 20 Years of IBIS

Celebrating 20 years of the IBIS Global Summit

9.30am – IBIS Global Summit 2022 – Moderator Welcome

Sean Fletcher

9.35am – **The IBIS Interview

10.20am – A Global Focus – An industry journey to IBIS Monaco 2022 and the signs on the road ahead.

Post pandemic, what is happening with the collision repair industry globally, what are the recovery signs and what does the future hold.

Professor Michael Cox, London School of Economics; Eric Devos, President, GiPA; Almudena Benedito Garcia, CEO, GiPA

11.05am – Exclusive Networking and Coffee

11.35am – Around the World in 30 minutes! A look behind the global bodyshop world in the last 24 months

Speaking to collision shops and businesses around the globe IBIS delegates will hear how businesses are progressing through 2022, how they have overcome the challenges of the last two years and how their plans for the future are taking shape.

12.05pm – Achieving Collaboration is an ongoing challenge, but what are the opportunities the collision industry has to “Optimise” business results?

Every aspect of the collision repair industry has experienced disruption, innovation, automation, and consolidation. The one initiative missing from truly advancing our industry to new heights is optimisation. Because every industry stakeholder has a level of “waste” built into their processes, our global ability to unearth leakage limits our ability to optimise, specifically, the OEM parts supply chain. In this keynote, you’ll hear from Paul Gange (President of North America, Advantage Parts Solutions), David Shepherd (Non-Executive Director, Advantage Parts Solutions), and Tim O’Day (Chief Executive Officer, Boyd Services) suggest a new vision that would allow the industry the ability to truly work towards optimisation for the absolute benefit of everyone, including, most importantly, the vehicle owner.

Paul Gange, President of North America, Advantage Parts Solutions; Dave Shepherd, Non-Executive Director, Advantage Parts Solutions; Tim O’Day, CEO, Boyd Services

1.00pm – Exclusive Networking Lunch

2.15pm – The Claims process journey – are we all heading for the same destination?

With the advancements in AI technology how is this impacting on the whole claims process journey. Add to this supply chain challenges and an increase in vehicle repair times this panel discussion will highlight how the claims journey has changed and the continuing challenges that need the next level of collaboration.

Oliver Chambers, Director of Sales & Operations, Entegral; Marcos Malzone, VP Product Marketing, Solera

3.15pm – Exclusive Networking and Coffee

3.45pm – Our most scarce and valuable resource – People – what should we be doing to improve, protect and sustain a credible supply line.

Not restricted to just a technician shortage, the industry is struggling with staff shortages in all facets of the business. We will look at the recruitment journey, how we can mentor the mentors and the importance of a planned career path.

David Luehr, Owner, Elite Bodyshop Solutions

4.45pm – Day One Close

6.30pm – International Drinks Reception

7.30pm – IBIS Global Summit 2022 International Dinner – partnered with Axalta

Friday 17 June 2022

9.15am – Welcome to Day Two

Sean Fletcher

9.20am – **The IBIS Interview

9.50am – It’s all about Energy! The biggest change in vehicle propulsion is with us and rapid adoption is happening – are we truly ready? How are we going to be fully prepared?

With the increase in EV’s and new technology vehicles, is the industry fully prepared for the future of vehicle repairs. What are the challenges the industry faces and what do we need to do to overcome them?

10.50am – Exclusive Networking and Coffee

11.20am – The harsh realities of Vehicle Technology on bodyshop operations

With the continuing advancement of new vehicle technology, bodyshops are now faced with many hurdles when it comes to repair. Effects on process flow, space needs, workshop footprints along with equipment and training requirements. What is the optimum repair environment?

Dean Lander, Head of Repair Sector Services, Thatcham Research; Philip Peace, Managing Director (SVP) – international, Repairify Inc

12.20pm – Closing Remarks

12.30pm – IBIS Global Summit 2022 – Delegates departure lunch

Please note that all timings and sessions are subject to change.