IBIS Australia 2024 – Agenda

Provisional Agenda

Tuesday, 23 July 2024

7.00pm-9.00pm – Networking Drinks Reception – Ballroom 1 Foyer

Wednesday, 24 July 2024

8.00am-9.00am – Arrival and registration

Tea, coffee and light pastries available from 8.15am

Welcome and networking time

9.00am – Welcome to the IBIS Australia 2024

Jason Moseley – CEO, IBIS Worldwide welcomes delegates and introduces Robert Snook as the IBIS Australia 2024 Moderator

9.05am – Robert Snook, IBIS Middle East 2024 Moderator

Robert outlines the objectives for the day and sets out the timings and format of the event, explaining how delegates can get involved via the IBIS App.

9.15am – The Bodyshop of the Future

What leading bodyshops will look like tomorrow and how they will work differently to today.

Interactive panel session with limited screen graphics. Whole room discussion and debate.

Where’s it all headed? How will all this new technology enable us to be better? We fast track to the future to discuss how the industry leaders will Transform Tomorrow Together. How will they keep it real, but integrate the new technologies and innovations coming to Australia, to innovate traditional supply chain and bodyshop models that will reduce current bottlenecks and operational frictions.

10.00am – Effective Leadership.

Because people love leaders, but will only ever tolerate managers.

IBIS Interview followed by whole room discussion and debate.

Leading the way forward is better than managing or just coping with what’s to come. If we don’t lead our team and business to deliver our preferred plan, we will ultimately get given a different plan by the market. Our plan is always better. We talk to a global leadership expert about the importance of leadership in times of immense change and the benefits of listening to the voice of your customers so you can Transform Tomorrow Together.

10.30am – Coffee and networking break

11.00am – Australia – A Collision Industry in Transition.

How associations are helping drive sustainability and leave a positive legacy.

Interactive panel session. Whole room discussion and debate.

With increasing focus on Environmental Social Governance, alongside technological change increasing in pace, members need associations to perform more than ever. How are they engaging key stakeholders – and how has their mission progressed since we were last on this stage together 12 months ago?

11.30am – Insurance Insights.

How does an insurance company really work?

Opening Presentation. Interactive panel session. Whole room discussion and debate.

The truth is bodyshops know as much about the inner workings of an insurer, as insurers do about running a bodyshop. We lift the lid on insurance to reveal insights on how they really work, how we can reduce frictional cost for both, what insurers are focusing on today and how this will transform partnerships into new, more successful, mutually beneficial insurer-bodyshop models in future.

12.15pm – Rewriting the Definition of “a good repair”

How new vehicle technologies are impacting repair capability in Australia.

Opening presentation. Interactive panel session. Whole room discussion and debate

New vehicle technologies are changing the insurability and repairability landscape around the world, rewriting the criteria for ‘a good repair’ and the definition of a positive customer experience. We take a look at the growth of new vehicle technology in Australia and how it is impacting repair methods, operations and auditability, so that we can all successfully Transform Tomorrow Together.

1.00pm – Networking Lunch

2.05pm – People – Our No 1 Asset.

The importance of building a team to Transform Tomorrow Together.

Interactive panel sessions. Whole room discussion and debate

People. The number one asset and yet the number one puzzle for many business owners. Starting with Apprentices, we break people processes down into Attracting, Recruiting, Developing and Retaining good people, to examine how we can reenergise and refocus our talent strategies moving forward, before closing with looking at a successful Australian Case Study of a business who get their people and succession planning right.

Part 1 – Apprentices.

Experiences from those who applied but didn’t join, those who joined and those who joined and left, so we can learn from young people how we can improve our apprenticeship and training offer.

Part 2 – Attraction.

What the industry winners do and how we compete against competitive industries for the talent pool

Part 3 – Recruitment.

New recruitment ideas and skills to capture the opportunity created

Part 4 – Development.

The importance of personal and professional development

Part 5 – Retention.

Ensuring they still want to stay even when they have all the skills to leave anytime they want

Part 6 – Succession.

An Australian case study in how good succession planning leads to great success.

Family businesses can often struggle with succession. Every family meal becomes a board meeting, where the real business needs, long term goals, strategies for success and other goals and objectives never seem to come on the agenda ahead lists of things that have already happened. We talk to an Australian business who got their succession right – and are reaping the rewards today.

3.50pm – Closing remarks

Robert Snook summarises the event and reviews key points and take away actions. Confirms IBIS activity for remainder of 2024 and into 2025. Thanks patrons, sponsors, ambassadors, speakers and attendees.

4.00pm – IBIS Australia 2024 closes.

Delegates continue with networking reception and depart at leisure.