Delphi and Mobileye partner Intel

Delphi Automotive plc and Mobileye NV will use Intel Corp chips in their joint effort towards producing self-driving vehicles by 2019.

Intel will start delivering computer chips to Delphi late next year. The chips will be used to run Delphi’s decision making software, which are the algorithms that decide how the vehicle should steer, accelerate and brake according to the vehicles LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) sensors.

‘By 2019, this new venture hopes to provide a system that can be used in inexpensive vehicles which will use a package of chips capable of performing about 20 trillion mathematical computations every second’ said Glen De Vos vice president of engineering when speaking to the New York Times.

Delphi is already trialling self-driving vehicles in Singapore with the hopes of launching another test fleet in the United States next year. It is also looking for a test site in a European city Glen De Vos told Reuters.

Mobileye is well known within the driverless technology community being previously partnered with industry leader Tesla. Since then Mobileye has joined forces with BMW where it already uses Intel chips.

Delphi is also working with Sillicon Valley start-up Quanergy Systems, a maker of solid-state LIDAR systems to create more affordable systems for use in everyday consumer vehicles.