IBIS Partner interview – Symach

Newly onboard as an IBIS Global Summit partner for 2018, Symach is a business which has been earning a reputation for its efficient processes and solutions the world over. Here we catch up with Symach president/owner, Osvaldo Bergaglio, to find out more.


Please provide a brief overview of Symach and its business within the collision repair sector?

Everything started in 2001 when I developed the DryTronic technology to dry paint in a few seconds, instead of the hours taken by the conventional method.

From the outset I invested in processes and solutions, without focusing only on products. With that I developed the Symach Paint Process, to use it with DryTronic, which allows the flash off time to be skipped, reducing 50% of the paint and preparation time.

This is the reason why one painter and one preparation technician can produce more than double the cars compared with a painter and preparation technician that work in conventional booth or bay.

Today, Symach has a comprehensive range of products to build a complete new bodyshop. It also has the knowledge to design new shops with a new process called FixLine – this is because Symach has invested a lot of time and resource to study the car repair process.

Symach is working worldwide directly, without middlemen, to build complete new repair shops, either on greenfield and brownfield sites. We work with several teams of installers and trainers to support the customer from the actual installation through to the use of the machinery and new repair processes to optimise the efficiency and quality.

From 2001 to 2010 Symach sold more than 2,400 robots for spraybooth retrofit and from 2010 to now we have installed more than 90 new large collision shops all around the world improving efficiency by around 40-50% average compared to the previous conventional repair set-up.


How would you describe the business to a potential new customer?

Symach doubles efficiency using the same number of painters and preparations technicians compared to a conventional bodyshop process. For example, in a conventional booth one painter can produce a maximum of four jobs cycle, per day in an eight hour shift – with Symach one painter in one booth with robot produces more than eight jobs cycle, per day.

In a conventional bodyshop you need two preparation bays and two preparation technicians to prepare four cars per day. With Symach’s system you need only one preparation bay and two preparation technicians to do eight jobs per day.


How does Symach ‘add value’ to the collision repair industry?

Symach improves efficiency and quality because DryTronic technology guarantees the same result than brand new, without polishing and 100% dried guarantee.

Because the Drytronic drying time is good for every phase of the process (bodyfiller, primer, waterborne and clear) taking less than two minutes for every phase of repair, a technician can work continuously without interruption. This allows a drastic reduction in touch time and, consequently, key-to-key times.


How do you interact/partner with other entities within the supply chain? ie product and equipment suppliers

Symach goes direct to market but appreciates the collaboration from paint producers and car manufacturers.


You have installations in various countries/regions around the world – what are the differences in repair cultures you encounter?

Symach is working in North America, Europe, Middle East and Australia. Repair is the same because damages, cars and consumables are the same everywhere in the world, therefore there is no technical difference; the only difference is the way technicians are paid between Europe and North America.


With the above in mind, what challenges and opportunities do you see globally within the collision repair sector?

The collision repair industry started to change probably no more than five years ago, when financial companies started consolidating big group of bodyshops. The process of change is probably at 40-50% so I don’t yet see the final picture but the direction is clear. The consequences (good or bad) that this new era will have are not yet clear.


The utilisation of innovative technology is a major aspect of the Symach philosophy – how much further do you feel technology could enhance the repair process?

Very much. Symach is a company founded on innovation and technology – we are the only player in the world that in the last 20 years has introduced something new and different in the field.

Symach has just approved a large project to invest in hiring six more mechanical engineers and more software to realise new products to change the way to repair cars in the collision field.


What is the key strategic focus for the Symach business moving ahead?

Symach is paying attention to the changes in the collision market, because at this specific moment everything that works today could be wrong tomorrow, so our strategy is revisited every six months.


Lastly, you’re an IBIS partner in 2018 – what do you aim to achieve from the partnership?

Symach is selling a completely new kind of collision shop with an innovative technology and for the future the purchase process will not be the same than buying a welding machine or a car lift, it will require a new kind of customer, so IBIS represents the connection point for contacting these new prospective customers.