Vigin Wang – Marketing Manager, TTS Tooltechnic Systems (Shanghai) Ltd.

Vigin Wang is the marketing manager at Festool. Starting as a product manager and having more than 10 years’work experience mean he has a deepunderstanding of the market. He has led the “Quality System Partner”, “Easy Set project” and other effective projects.

As a leading supplier of dust-free dry sanding solutions in the automotive after-sales maintenance industry, Festool has a very high market share in foreign capital and joint venture middle and high-end 4S stores.


王晨隽 德国费斯托工具市场部经理,从产品经理起步以及十多年的工作经历使其对汽车售后维修市场有着更深层次的理解。曾主导了“绿色样板店”,“易修项目”等卓有成效的项目