IBIS CHINA 2019 – IBIS中国2019

IBIS is making a return to China on 4 December 2019 in partnership with Automechanika Shanghai.

IBIS China will form an integral part of the Automechanika Shanghai trade fare experience which in 2019 will be the biggest one yet. There’ll be an estimated 6270 exhibitors and 160,000 visitors over 4 days from 3 to 6 December.

One of the objectives of Automechanika Shanghai 2019 will be to increase its focus on the repair and maintenance sectors. This plays to IBIS’ strength and ability to bring together under one roof in this China’s biggest city and global financial hub the regional leaders and influencers of the sector’s ecosystem of organisations (insurers; vehicle manufacturers; OEMs; repairers etc.).

As an IBIS China delegate, you will:

  • Hear from a mix of industry expert and grassroots speakers and panellists
  • Learn from disruptive, challenging and innovative content
  • Take part in interactive, open and honest debate
  • Participate in peer-to-peer, business networking

Rolled up into one day’s worth of insightful and engaging plenary sessions, you will leave IBIS China 2019 with the knowledge, knowhow, resources and confidence to continue to widen your network of contacts and lead your businesses to success.

Sessions will be conducted largely in English with simultaneous interpretation into Mandarin.

IBIS 中国2019 国际车身修复行业专题研讨会将与 Automechanika Shanghai 合作,于2019年12月4日在中国上海举行。

Automechanika Shanghai 是亚洲规模最大的行业展览会之一,将于12月3至6日在国家会展中心(上海)举行。为期4天的展览会将吸引6,320家参展商参展。IBIS中国2019将于同期进行。

Automechanika Shanghai 专注于汽车各板块的发展,而维修与保养一直是发展焦点之一。这有助于IBIS在中国的主要城市和全球金融中心充分发挥实力,来汇聚产业链各环节中的企业(保险公司;汽车制造商;原始设备制造商;维修商等)的区域性领导者和影响者。

作为 IBIS 中国2 019 与会者,您将:

  • 听取行业专家、演讲者和专家小组成员的意见;
  • 从颠覆性、挑战和创新的内容中学到新知识;
  • 参与公开、互动的辩论;
  • 参与点对点的交流活动,扩展商务关系。

通过参与一天内容丰富、引人入胜的论坛之后,您会带着知识、行业相关技术、各种资源和信心离开 IBIS 中国 2019,去继续扩大您的人脉、引领您在行业道路上走向成功。