Andrew Marsh, co-owner and founder, Ezi-methods

After completing a degree in mechanical engineering in 1984, for 20 years Andrew worked for vehicle manufacturers in design, development and project management. The majority of his time was spent working across Europe, including a stint living in Sweden.

In 2004, Andrew joined Thatcham Research (the Motor Insurance Repair Research Centre) and used his engineering knowledge to understand repair issues for each new vehicle arriving on the market. 

By 2007, Andrew added to this role by looking after eScribe methods and times production for three years, which resulted in a dramatic increase in data output volume as well as quality. To a great extent this relied on knowing what was happening amongst the vehicle manufacturers, tracking the technology into the market and strategizing the methods coverage accordingly. 

In 2011, Andrew became a founder member of Auto Industry Consulting Ltd which launched its key product ‘Ezi-Methods’ in 2012 and now covers 993 models – where a model covers all related body shapes. This provides vehicle manufacturer repair methods and information via their user friendly and cost-effective web service, sold in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. In addition, the company offers expert advice on repair processes. 

Andrew regularly presents to collision repair sector audiences and writes for several collision repair magazines around the world. The message is simple – understanding and communicating the most exciting subject on earth – automotive engineering.