Audi Q7 can think like a human

Audi has partnered with NVIDIA to unveil a concept car that is able to learn from its human driver.

The Audi Q7 features deep neural networks (similar to the human brain) designed specifically for autonomous driving and traffic signal recognition. By observing how a human driver reacts to certain signals such as red lights, it is quickly able to establish a correlation between in-car actions and exterior signals.

This learning was demonstrated at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, when the Q7 learned to understand instructions from temporary traffic signals and act accordingly.

Audi claims the system is robust enough to cope with variable weather conditions and can operate day and night.

The concept car continues Audi’s commitment to artificial intelligence technology, which it believes is a game-changer in the industry. As such, the carmaker has been developing strong ties with companies in the electronics industry, such as NVIDIA, which is considered a leader in the semiconductor sector.

Another Audi key partner is Mobileye, a world leader in the field of image recognition for automotive applications. Its cameras can already recognise objects such as lane markings, vehicles, traffic signs and pedestrians, while Mobileye is also working with Audi to demonstrate deep learning methods for the first time.