Axalta: IBIS a ‘must attend’

A 32 strong delegation of Axalta representatives participated in the IBIS Global Summit 2018 that took place in Munich, Germany.

The delegation included representatives from the company’s senior management team, teams from Axalta’s three premium global refinish brands – Cromax, Spies Hecker, and Standox – as well as a number of its partners and customers. Axalta supported the summit as an official partner.

‘IBIS Global Summit is a must-attend event for any major players in the refinish industry,’ said Joe McDougall, Axalta’s executive vice president and president of global refinish and EMEA, who hosted the company’s delegation at the event.

He continued, ‘Having prominent industry experts, major market influencers and many of our key customers in one place is a fantastic opportunity to discuss and to debate major challenges and strategic opportunities for the future with them.’

Jim Muse, Axalta’s North America sales director and global refinish accounts director, was one of the key speakers during a conference panel discussion dedicated to exploring the current trends in skills and talent development in the refinish industry.

Jim said, ‘employee engagement, training and talent development are a vital part of Axalta’s human resource policy. But we also understand that the global refinish industry should attract fresh talent who can lead it into the future. Bearing this in mind, Axalta works closely with colleges and universities across the world, not only helping students to develop their professional skills, but also to spark their interest and to encourage them to continue their careers in the refinish sector.’

Axalta and its three global refinish brands demonstrate their commitment to improving skills across the industry via various professional development events, training courses and masterclasses for students and refinish professionals. For example, in the Netherlands, Standox works with Edudelta college organising dedicated refinish days for its students, installing a refinish workshop in the college, and encouraging local bodyshops to accept students as interns. Throughout North America, Axalta works with Vocational Technical Schools providing products as well as instructional support to high school students who want to start a career in the refinish industry.

‘These activities help to bridge the existing skills gap in the coatings and refinish industries, but they also provide students with the necessary knowledge they need to succeed in today’s highly competitive job market,’ concluded Jim.