Axalta Introduces Cromax XP, an Easy-to-Use Solventborne Basecoat, for Refinish Customers in North America

Axalta, a leading global supplier of liquid and powder coatings, recently announced the launch of Cromax XP, its latest solventborne basecoat for refinish customers in North America. This new technology delivers outstanding coverage, color match, and final appearance in a simple, easy-to-use system. Cromax XP solventborne basecoat now joins Cromax EZ waterborne basecoat to complete the range of products available in the Cromax brand.

Cromax XP is engineered for easy and accurate application, with most colors covering in just 2-3 coats. For finding and matching color, Cromax XP is backed by a chromatically sorted fan deck of 6,000+ color chips that is as easy-to-use as the basecoat. Plus, Cromax XP fan decks are paired with ColorNet, Axalta’s color formula retrieval system, to give customers a cohesive and streamlined experience from formula retrieval to clear coat application.

“We are very proud of Cromax XP and excited to introduce it to the market,” said Troy Weaver, Senior Vice President of Global Refinish at Axalta. “This new technology was designed with the refinisher in mind, filling a need for a basecoat that delivers on ease of use and high-quality finish and appearance. Cromax XP, together with Cromax EZ, gives customers the option between two easy-to-use technologies to meet their business and regulatory needs.”

Cromax XP has a high tolerance for variances in application technique and temperature, so it is able to accommodate multiple blending processes, making this solventborne basecoat the ideal product for any refinisher who values quality and simplicity. When it comes to packaging, Cromax XP is available in gallon or quart-sized toners for the colors customers use most often, and pints for the colors customers use less often. This helps develop a consistent order pattern and makes it simple to retain fresh material. These attributes all contribute to making Cromax XP a product that’s easy to learn, use, and maintain.

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