Bentley cruises past production milestone

Bentley has passed a significant milestone with the production of its 200,000th luxury car.

The Bentayga Hybrid, destined for a Chinese customer, rolled off the production line at the home of Bentley in Crewe last week.

The production landmark meant that 155,582 vehicles have now been built at Crewe since 2003, with Bentley is building 85 cars per day, the same output in one month two decades ago.

Chairman and chief executive, Adrian Hallmark, said: “The pace of progress has accelerated significantly since 2003 and we are now entering the next period of transformation as we pursue our Beyond100 strategy, with the aim of positioning Bentley as the global leader in sustainable luxury mobility.”

The Beyond100 strategy aims to drive the company to carbon neutrality by 2030 while Bentley will move to full electrification – PHEV or BEV only – by 2026, then switch the entire model range to battery electric vehicles by 2030.