Carglass visits Symach

Carglass executives have visited Symach’s operations in Bologna, Italy to learn more about the Italian equipment, which has recently been installed in five branches in Belgium.

The visit saw new Carglass CEO, Guido De Paepe, accompany its top customers to tour the state-of-the-art facility and provide them with a detailed presentation of the operation.

De Paepe highlighted how impressed Carglass had been with Symach’s FixStation following the acquisition of 15 additional locations from CARe in Belgium, two of which are already equipped with Symach’s system. He stressed how important Symach is to Carglass’s long-term growth strategy, which includes offering auto body repair to its customers in Belgium and Luxembourg, under the Carglass Carosserie banner.

The visit also included a live demo of the FixStation.