Chubb backs pre- and post-repair scans

Chubb, the world’s largest publicly traded property and casualty insurer, has told US estimators that it will pay for pre- and post-repair scans on all vehicles dating back to 1990.

According to repairerdrivennews Chubb has contacted its bodyshop partners stating that ‘Chubb has decided that we are going to allow for pre and post scans on all ‘modern’ autos (1990 and newer).’

In an email shared by Montana based MSO McDonnell Group president, Matthew McDonnell with the permission of Chubb, the insurer stated: ‘Your first line on the estimate should read pre-scan at 1.0 hour of body rate and the last line on the estimate should read post-scan at 1.0 hours of body rate. If you find that the cost of doing the scan is going to be higher, then provide the actual scan report and the invoice and we will reimburse accordingly on the supplement.

‘Chubb takes this very serious and wants to make sure the vehicle is returned in proper working order.’

Chubb has opted to go all the way back to 1990 because it was the year federal OBD-I monitoring was instituted. All US vehicles since at least 1996 have been mandated to carry OBD-II ports, with diagnostics available on some prior to that as well. The less advanced OBD-I standard emerged in California in 1988 and was codified federally by a Clean Air Act overhaul in 1990.

At this point, Chubb is the only insurer to cover back to 1990, at least in his Montana markets.

According to the report, the average US vehicle is about 11.5 years old, with the average repaired vehicle age at around seven years old.