Culture key to success

Understanding local culture is a vital ingredient to success even in the highly advanced claims market of today.

That was the message to emanate from Morgan Stewart’s, chief motor engineer/claims supply chain manager, RSA Ireland during his presentation at IBIS Ireland 2018.

With 50 approved repairers throughout the country – mostly independent sites – Morgan explained how the culture in Ireland is such that ‘People like to deal with people they know – that’s why we have a really high conversion rate.’

Highlighting the challenges RSA faces such as abiding by the Consumer Protection Code; GDPR; changing consumer habits; claims process automation; increasing vehicle technology and repair methods; claims volumes; and autonomous vehicles.

Morgan suggested one of the keys to success is to ‘Keep things simple – we are often often guilty of over-complicating things. To provide brilliant service is often about doing the little things, the day to day things, well.’

Highlighting the insurer’s focus on technological advancements, Morgan pointed to RSA’s Robotics division and how artificial intelligence is making traditional claims processing a thing of the past. Morgan said RSA is pioneering new cognitive solutions that are making the claims process faster, smarter and more efficient than ever before. However, Morgan issued a warning that technology can also have its detractors and its adoption is very much dependent on culture – ‘It will be driven by the consumer’ said Morgan.

In an attempt to develop its own knowledge base, RSA has backed the Gateway, autonomous transport, project. Morgan said, ‘Our involvement is giving us great insight into how autonomous transport could become part of our customers’ lives and we can adapt our services and products for the future.’

And whilst all these developments are taking place at a high level, Morgan suggested thought should also be given to individuals involved throughout the supply chain. ‘Spare a thought for engineers,’ said Morgan, ‘their world has also changed dramatically.’

In closing, he said, ‘One thing for certain within this industry right now, is that nothing is certain.’