Dyson to move HQ to Singapore

James Dyson is moving his company headquarters to Singapore, but denies the move has anything to do with Brexit.

Instead, a company statement said the move, which actually only involves two jobs, had been in the pipelines for a long time, intended to move closer to its customers and manufacturing base.

‘This shift has been occurring for some time and will quicken as Dyson brings its electric vehicle to market.

CEO Jim Rowan said, ‘We have been talking about our pivot to Asia for some time. Asia represents our largest and fastest growing market of the world. Asian consumers are hungry for the most advanced technology and it is the largest electric vehicle market in the world so this trend only will quicken.’

Dyson said it would continue to invest and recruit in the United Kingdom, and in August the company said it would invest £116m to build test tracks and offices for 2,000 workers at a former Royal Air Force base in England that would be used to develop the electric car.