Fix Auto World announces Chinese deal

Fix Auto has signed of a partnership agreement between Fix Auto China and the People’s Insurance Company of China (PICC), which handles about 20 million claims each year.

The collaborative agreement was announced during a signing ceremony held at Fix Auto China’s first annual national conference in Suzhou on 27-28 November, which was attended by approximately 200 delegates, including Fix Auto World president Steve Leal, CAMRA vice-secretary Fengling Wang and Curie Chen, president of Fuyao International Holdings.

This strategic cooperative agreement, by which PICC recognises Fix Auto as a national network and Fix Auto commits to delivering standard repair service, quality and rates, is the first of its kind for Fix Auto China. This partnership is an important preliminary step in developing a formal direct repair programme with PICC, which could include referrals to Fix Auto locations.

Zhang Haibo, general manager, auto insurance department at PICC, said, ‘Our national strategic cooperation agreement with Fix Auto China includes policy sales, claims and the future development of a DRP in China. I am convinced that the collaboration between Fix Auto China and PICC will bring a new era for the development of the automotive aftermarket.’

Frank Liu, CEO of Fix Auto China, added, ‘Fix Auto and PICC share a culture based on quality service and customer focus and we are proud to enter in this partnership with them. We believe our model and high standards of quality and ethics make this agreement a natural fit and we look forward to growing our partnership with PICC over time.’

Fix Auto World president Steve Leal concluded, ‘This is a pivotal moment for Fix Auto’s development in China. This strategic agreement with the nation’s largest insurance provider not only underscores Fix Auto’s promise to grow strong insurance partnerships for its network through operational consistency, but places Fix Auto in a position to deliver reliable service to even more customers in China. Congratulations to Fix Auto China on this significant achievement.’