Ford maintains skills momentum

Ford India has opened its ninth automotive skill service centre in Jaipur.

According to ETA Auto, the technical centre was built in partnership with Kamal Ratan Private ITI and K S Ford, the technical centre will train students on Ford technology as part of motor mechanic vehicle (MMV) curriculum.

‘Centers like ASSET will help us achieve our goal and produce the next wave of world-class technicians who will surely deliver a differentiated experience across Ford dealerships,’ said N Prabhu, vice-president, Ford customer service operations.

Up to this point, Ford had forged partnerships with Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) across Kochi, Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Mohali, Chennai, Sonepat, and Hyderabad to establish ASSET centres. The Jaipur training facility is a tri-party initiative involving Ford, the dealers, and the ITI.