Gove called to clear the air

In the last few weeks, over 12,000 members of the public have emailed DEFRA calling on the minister to not be pressurised by emotive, unsubstantiated health data and rashly decide to tax UK’s drivers and businesses.  In the same period, 25,632 of the public took part in the largest survey of opinion regarding solutions they believe will be more effective in reducing emissions and improving air quality in our cities.  The DEFRA Air Quality Plain is due to be announced at the end of July.

The FairFuelUK poll found that 87% of respondents are not confident that DEFRA will be fair to drivers in their Air Quality Plan.  A further 75% do not believe evidence used by environmentalist groups in the media, that 40,000 deaths per year is in fact down to air pollution. The poll demonstrates that 91.5% advocate the endorsement of alternative proven solutions to improving air quality in UK cities, with only 0.07% believing tax hikes are the best option.

Almost all of the participants (95%) urge against fuel duty raised on diesel drivers, of which 93% encourage the government to invest the same amount of money as HS2 into new roads across the UK to reduce congestion, improve air quality and benefit economy. Interestingly, nearly 7 out of 10 respondents who voted for the Green Party in the general election also were anti London’s imminent Toxin Tax. The poll found that 75% agree with government incentives for drivers to move to cleaner fuels, opposed to using knee jerk punitive tax hikes on diesel.

Charlie Elphicke Tory MP for Dover, Vice Chair of the APPG for Fair Fuel for Motorists and Hauliers said, ‘It’s clear from FairFuelUK’s detailed survey that talk of punishing diesel drivers with higher taxes is deeply unpopular. Drivers want to tackle pollution. Yet it’s clear fleecing motorists with toxin taxes, higher parking charges and fuel duty is not the answer. These motorists represent thousands of families, small businesses and white van drivers up and down the land. The government must sit up and listen to their concerns and the findings in FairFuelUK’s poll.’