HELLA expands Chinese deal

Lighting and electronics expert HELLA and Chinese BAIC Group company Beijing HAINACHUAN Automotive Parts Co have agreed to expand their existing collaboration, which has focused on the development and production of lighting systems for the Chinese market, to cover the electronics and aftermarket business.

HELLA and BHAP therefore intend to extend their collaboration with the development and production of electronic products, for control units and battery management systems in particular. If the order volume is high enough, there are also plans to form a mutual production company. Furthermore, HELLA and BHAP intend to take their established partnership in the lighting business and apply it to the aftermarket, as well as targeting highly modern driver assistance systems, where HELLA will contribute with innovative radar sensors and camera software.

HELLA CEO, Dr Rolf Breidenbach said, ‘For us, China is and will continue to be, one of the most important automotive markets in the world, which is why we are looking to further expand our presence in China. In doing so, we will rely on both our own HELLA network and on-site cooperation with successful Chinese companies, such as BHAP.‘

BHAP chairman Han Yonggui added, ‘With HELLA, we have a close and highly respected partner by our side, with whom we have nurtured a successful collaboration for a number of years. We are delighted to now be pursuing the goal of intensifying our partnership and expanding it to include key future issues within the automotive sector.‘