The big debate at IBIS Africa 2019

Changes in vehicle technology and insurance claim processes are impacting the collision market at an unprecedented rate of knots. All markets – South Africa being no exception – must adapt by integrating this new innovation into the sector.

It’s only by harnessing and implementing technology in a controlled way that we’ll succeed in meeting the demand of OEMs, insurers and body shops alike for an improved customer experience.

What’s needed is an integrated, step-by-step approach to reducing cycle times and phasing out manual interventions in the insurance claims handing process.

What is more, we need to work with the OEMs (which are the driving force behind vehicle technology) to develop the technical skills, investment and processes required to ensure the correct and safe repair of vehicles. Once again, this calls for us to integrate innovation into the repair process.

At IBIS Africa we’ll be debating these big issues and together we’ll discover how we integrate innovation into the collision repair sector for a sustained, profitable future.

The key points of our debate at a glance:

  • The collaboration needed between OEMs, insurers and body shops
  • Planning for an open and free auto repair market with access to innovation
  • How data intelligence can streamline the experience of making a motor insurance claim
  • What innovation and training are needed for the repair of advanced vehicle technologies