IBIS Ireland kick starts salvage conversation

The new ABI code of practice in relation to the management of salvage was proposed as ‘worthy of a conversation’ at IBIS Ireland 2018.

With the Irish salvage market still, in many cases, operating the ‘old’ code of practice, the session highlighted the potential benefits of the ABI code and how it could ensure salvage decisions were based more on structural integrity of the vehicle rather than financial metrics of repair.

Explaining the new code and its workings, Darren Power, motor claims subject matter expert, IAEA highlighted how the new code potentially provides more ‘accountability and transparency’ to the system.

Darren explained how from October 2019, salvage must be categorised by an AQP (Appropriately Qualified Person who will have passed and hold a current competency based assessment, on salvage categorisation, provided by the Institute of Automotive Engineer Assessors (IAEA) or an equivalent industry recognised body.

Alongside Darren, Justin Kavanagh, managing director of VMS highlighted how online salvage and auction systems are helping to provide compliant, transparent processes for the benefit of all stakeholders. ‘By analysing the data within these systems it can benefit all stakeholders within the industry.’